Litigation. Investigation. Mediation. Restorative Justice.

“Paradigm” means “a prime example,” which is what we strive for in our advocacy. Our name is different because our work is not about us, but about achieving excellence for our clients.

Criminal Law and Litigation

We have done hundreds of trials. Our legal experience as both defence and prosecution means we are able to see your case from all angles.

Criminal charges can affect all areas of life including work and personal relationships. In some cases, it can involve being forced to move from one’s home. We understand the ways being charged with a criminal offence feels crushing. Let us help you.

We also represent sexual assault complainants, witnesses, and those under investigation for criminal offences. We can be your voice.

Youth Justice and Rights

Did you know that a youth court record can become part of a permanent adult criminal record? That a youth court record can affect employment, travel and volunteer opportunities for your entire life? If you, or your child, is under the age of 18, and charged with a criminal offence or subject to a child protection proceeding, it is imperative to hire a lawyer who knows youth law.

Law Society Discipline

Your license to practice law is your most valuable asset, so protect it. It is important to get legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity when a Law Society investigator comes calling. We have helped many of our colleagues close the chapter on their discipline history at the investigation stage. Where cases do proceed to a full hearing, we have an excellent track record of success and reputation protection. Disciplinary proceedings before the Law Society will be the most stressful times in your career. Let our legal team lighten the burden.